Turn your passion into profit

12-weeks / 6 Credits

As entrepreneurs, you can expect to learn and share a lot in the Community Business Academy. The success of our program relies on your talents and contributions. 

In this course, you will be building strong fundamental business skills like budgeting, marketing, bookkeeping, and financing. 

Our experiential methodology embeds direct curriculum application so you are able to work on your business as you learn!

How It Works

Your learning experience.

  • 1. Learn

    Watch Video Lessons Before Your Live Zoom Sessions: These short video lessons are designed to introduce topics and get you thinking about your own business and questions you have. You can ask questions or share your thoughts in on-lesson discussions, take self-assessment quizzes and come back to these videos to review concepts whenever you'd like!
  • 2. Engage

    Participate in the Live Zoom Session: This is where the concepts you learned in the video lessons come alive. You'll discuss concepts, practice using these concepts through engaging exercises and connect what you learned to your own businesses. This is the community of the Community Business Academy!
  • 3. Apply

    Complete Homework: Each week for nine weeks you will have homework. This homework is designed to be your opportunity to apply what you learned to your own business. As entrepreneurs we spend a lot of time running our businesses. This is the time for you to think and plan for your business. Take the time and stay on top of your homework! We are here to support you through it all!

Meet Our Instructors

Experts that care.

Instructor Antonin Biot

Antonin Biot is a seasoned management consultant as well as an accomplished business owner himself. He’s been dubbed the “career changing mentor” or “cool and collected” by his staff, mentees, and customers. He equally made his mark as “Mr.Market pioneer” for his breakthrough into new markets ahead of the pack. For 25 years, Antonin plied his trade over 3 continents (from South Africa to Los Angeles via Paris) as a management consultant with IBM, SAP or EY. OGAM, the company he assembled and ran before exiting, was an integrated conglomerate with diverse interests spanning from ERPs software (SAP), FCMG, TV production, Cable TV, or durable goods (GE)and retail. An MBA and IBM IT graduate, Antonin runs Axxura, the “venture catalyst”. Its business consulting arm helps international companies improve or redesign business processes in sales, Finance, HCM or the production floor. This work covered various industries Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Consumer services or Hospitality. Besides, Axxura is preparing to venture in the Private Equity/Credit Fund industry on its own. Antonin is one of 25 educators nationwide to hold all 12 Personal Finance certificates available from NGPF. As such, he was listed as “Distinguished Educator" by NGPF. When you work with Antonin, he will lead with patience and understanding, while uplifting you with innovative knowledge from the wealth of all those miles covered worldwide. Antonin’s main achievement is mentoring scores of gifted Africans who now thrive internationally as top management and IT consultants. His current passion is to build a compendium of Great Modern Black African Thinkers. His bucket list includes breaking the codes of Mandarin language and Classical Music.

Class Monitor Charnelle Bain

Charnelle Bain is a Fall 2013 Community Business Academy graduate and is the proud owner of Simply Elegant Events (event planning /catering) Company. Charnelle is the mother of two beautiful daughters. After working for the Mental Health Association of Essex County for 14 years, she transitioned into a fulltime caregiver. Simply Elegant Events goal is to make the event a perfect reflection of their client's unique themes and ideas while executing every detail to perfection. Charnelle Bain believes that each event is unique and is why she ensures to provide personalized planning, creative designs and endless possibilities to make you feel like a guest at your own event. “We provide the highest level of professionalism and service. Our team has the resources to respond to your every need and bring your event vision to life.”

Course curriculum

    1. Navigate our Learning System

    2. Meet Your Online Instructor

    3. Meet Your Online Resiliency Guide

    4. Maximize the Course: Your Business and Time

    5. Communicate with Your Instructors

    6. Get Technical Help

    7. Understand Our Process

    8. LEARN: Complete and Continue

    9. LEARN: Check Your Understanding

    10. ENGAGE: On-Lesson Discussion

    11. ENGAGE: Get Ready to Zoom

    12. ENGAGE: Joining the LIVE class (Zoom)

    13. APPLY: Homework Tips

    14. APPLY: Homework Practice 1

    15. APPLY: Homework Practice 2

    16. RESILIENCY: Preparing Yourself for Entrepreneurship

    17. RESILIENCY: Reset Meditation

    18. CHECK-IN: How did it go?

    19. CHECK-IN: How are you doing?

    20. UPLOAD: Your Profile Image

    21. REMEMBER: Graduation Requirements

    1. How to use this chapter

    2. Computer Basics

    3. Zoom Access

    4. Digital Skills Connecting to Wifi

    5. Digital Skills Online Learning and Research

    6. Digital Skills Staying Safe Online

    7. Importance of Financial Coaching

    8. DOWNLOAD: Resiliency Chime

    9. REMEMBER: Graduation Requirements

    1. Welcome to the Community Business Academy!

    2. THINGS TO KNOW: The Design of the Class

    3. DISCUSSION: Business is all about relationships!

    4. REVIEW: Student Handbook (Download)

    5. YOUR COMMITMENT: Student Handbook

    6. FILL-IN: Pre-Survey

    7. DISCUSSION: Getting To Know You

    8. FILL-IN: Getting To Know Your Business

    9. NEW CONCEPT: You – The Entrepreneur

    10. ASSESSMENT: Self-Evaluation

    11. NEW CONCEPT: The Business Idea

    12. DISCUSSION: What Makes a Good Product or Service?

    13. DEFINITION: Business Plan Outline

    14. The Executive Summary Contest

    15. FILL-IN: Check Your Understanding

    16. DISCUSSION: How are you doing?

    17. NEXT STEPS: Our LIVE class is coming up!

    18. BEFORE WE START: Get ready to Zoom

    19. BEFORE WE START: What to bring

    20. WELCOME: Our LIVE Zoom class

    21. HOMEWORK 1: Introduction


    23. STUDY HALL: Extra support for you

    24. RESILIENCY: Intention

    25. CHECK-IN: How are you doing?

    26. UP NEXT: Looking ahead to Week 2

    27. REMEMBER: Graduation Requirements

    1. Welcome back!

    2. THE GAME: Purpose

    3. GAME CONTEXT: Location

    4. GAME CONTEXT: Target Customer

    5. GAME CONTEXT: Your Role

    6. TOOLS REVIEW: Business Cycle Calendar

    7. TOOLS REVIEW: Daily Record Keeping Journal

    8. TOOLS REVIEW: Weekly Sales Journal

    9. TOOLS REVIEW: Weekly Expense Journal

    10. NEXT STEPS: Our LIVE class is coming up!

    11. BEFORE WE START: Get ready to Zoom

    12. BEFORE WE START: What to bring

    13. WELCOME: Our LIVE Zoom class

    14. HOMEWORK 2: Business Simulation I


    16. STUDY HALL: Extra support for you

    17. RESILIENCY: Create Positivity

    18. CHECK-IN: How did it go?

    19. UP NEXT: Looking Ahead to Week 3

    20. CHECK-IN: How are you doing?

    21. REMEMBER: Graduation Requirements

    1. Welcome Back

    2. Managing Your Personal Expenses and Income

    3. Personal Budget

    4. NEW CONCEPT: Personal Expense Categories

    5. DEFINITION: Personal Income

    6. APPLYING YOUR LEARNING: Personal Income and Expenses

    7. THINGS TO KNOW: Savings

    8. THINGS TO KNOW: Understanding Your Credit

    9. DEFINITION: Interest

    10. FILL-IN: Check Your Understanding

    11. THINGS TO KNOW: Why is Having Good Credit Important?

    12. THINGS TO KNOW: How to Correct Errors in a Credit Report

    13. THINGS TO KNOW: Negative Information in your Credit Report

    14. RESOURCE: Example Credit Report

    15. NEXT STEPS: Our LIVE class is coming up!

    16. BEFORE WE START: Get ready to Zoom

    17. BEFORE WE START: What to bring

    18. WELCOME: Our LIVE Zoom class

    19. HOMEWORK 3: Monthly Personal Income and Expense Budget


    21. STUDY HALL: Extra support for you

    22. RESILIENCY: Unlock Energy

    23. CHECK-IN: How did it go?

    24. CHECK-IN: How is your learning?

    25. UP NEXT: Looking Ahead to Week 4

    26. REMINDER: Importance of Financial Coaching

    27. REMEMBER: Graduation Requirements

    1. Welcome to Week 4

    2. THINGS TO KNOW: Basic Business Structure

    3. DEFINITION: Variable Expenses

    4. NEW CONCEPT: Understanding Your Competitors

    5. DISCUSSION: Your Competitors

    6. THINGS TO KNOW: The Importance of Your Competition

    7. FILL-IN: Check Your Understanding (Competition)

    8. NEW CONCEPT: Your Target Market

    9. DISCUSSION: Defining Your Target Market

    10. THINGS TO KNOW: Mistakes to Avoid

    11. FILL-IN: Check Your Understanding (Target Market)

    12. NEXT STEPS: Our LIVE class is coming up!

    13. BEFORE WE START: Get ready to Zoom

    14. WELCOME: Our LIVE Zoom class

    15. BEFORE WE START: What to bring

    16. HOMEWORK 4: Competition and Target Marketing


    18. RESILIENCY: You’re Connected

    19. CHECK-IN: How did it go?

    20. STUDY HALL: Extra support for you

    21. CHECK-IN: How are you doing?

    22. UP NEXT: Looking Ahead to Week 5

    23. REMEMBER: Graduation Requirements

About this course

  • Free
  • 315 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


  • What's the cost?

    Tuition for The Community Business Academy is valued at $3,000 per student. Thanks to our generous supporters and donors, tuition is waived for every student accepted into the program. All participants, however, must pay a small materials and registration fee. Based on your household income, your fees are calculated on a sliding scale ranging from $150 to $375. Additional financial aid is available for those who qualify.

  • Who are the instructors?

    Our instructors all actively own or run small businesses, and have been through a one-year intensive training program geared towards maximizing their experience as entrepreneurs in teaching small business concepts.

  • How do I apply?

    Introduce yourself by filling out our program inquiry form here and we will walk you through next steps.